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Our Sponsors


Painting by Lory Williams Winford

ChamberFest Brown County is grateful for the generous support provided by the following sponsors:

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The Howard F. Hughes Legacy Fund


Please consider supporting our event! Through the arts we strengthen our communities, and your generosity makes this possible.

Business Sponsorship Levels

                                                             $100                   Printed Programs with Logo & Website

                                                             $250                  + Printed Advertisements with Logo                       

                                                             $500                  + Social Media

                                                             $1,000                + Stage Announcements

                                                             $2,500                + Dinner with Art Director & available musicians

Whole-Day Sponsorship Opportunities

Each sponsor will receive extensive advertisement, in addition to the benefits listed above:

  • Table in lobby of performance venue

  • Individual sponsor advertisement for that day's posters


Sunday, August 18th: Wanderings: Across the World and Back Again

Nashville United Methodist Church

Artists’ Fees: $2000

Monday, August 19th: The Magic (Baroque) Flute

St Agnes Catholic Church

Artists’ Fees: $6000

Tuesday, August 20th: Musical Banquet

St Agnes Catholic Church

Grant Sponsored

Wednesday, August 21st: A night of Tango

Brown County Playhouse

Artists’ Fees: $5900

Thursday, August 22nd: Of Love and Death

Nashville United Methodist Church

Brought to you by Brown County Community Foundation

Friday, August 23rd: In Search of Hope

Saint Agnes Catholic Church

Artists’ Fees: $5500

Saturday, August 24th: Sense and Sensuality

Nashville United Methodist Church

Artists’ Fees: $6500

ChamberFest Brown County's performances are made possible by audience contributions.

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