Individual Donors


Painting by Lory Williams Winford

Thank you to all the individuals who have donated to ChamberFest Brown County. Our concerts are made possible by you! 

Diamond             $2,000 and above

Annie Hawk

Lisa & Dwight Thompson

Emerald               $1,000 and above

Phil McKown

Diane Burnett

Ruby                    $500 and above

Kathryn Richardson

Jenny Johnson

Sapphire              $250 and above

Daren & David Redman

Dr. Beverly & Robert Murphy

John and Kathy Fiederlein 

Jan and Scott Mills

Topaz                   $100 and above

Beth Mills

Rachel B. Perry

Michael and Jaydene Laros 

Sian Mooney and Shawn Novak

Phyllis and Verne Sindlinger

Pearls                   $25 and above

Futaba Niekawa

Lisa Hall

Sandie Jones and Cathy Wingard

Marge Steiner

RiverSong Music, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization; all donations to ChamberFest Brown County are tax deductible. 

ChamberFest Brown County's performances are made possible by audience contributions.