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Individual Donors


Painting by Lory Williams Winford

Thank you to all the individuals who have donated to ChamberFest Brown County. Our concerts are made possible by you! 

Blue Diamond  $10,000+

Smithville Charitable Foundation

Pink Diamond  $5,000+

Andreas Ioannides

Annie Hawk

Diamond          $2,000+

The Thompsons

Elliott Family Community Fund

Emerald           $1,000+

Teal Family Fund

Phil McKown & Paul Walker

Dr. Beverly & Robert Murphy

Diane W Burnett

Stephen Conrad

Ruby                $500+

Daren & David Redman

Ned Endris Family

Seth Dager and Eric Ball

Sapphire          $250+

Rachel B. Perry

Michael and Jaydene Laros

Mike Harrison & Becky Nika

Verne & Phyllis Sindlinger

Jan Holloway

Bill & Jan Swigert

Jim & Jan Drum

Letty & Del Newkirk

Jani Perniconi

Deborah and Tim Maloney

Dee Mustafa

Bill & Ann Walters

Rita Simon

Topaz               $100+

Joanne G. Rozzi

Alvin Rosenfeld

Sian Mooney and Shawn Novak

Clara Stanley

Jerry McGuire

Jan and Scott Mills

Cathy Wingard & Sandie Jones

Debbie and Tim Kelly

Carole E. Page

Ed and Wendy Bernstein

John and Lislott Richardson

Dick and Cindy Peck

Maynard Brandon

Laura and Richard Young

Bernard Waldhier

Pearls               $25+

Lisa & Richard Hall

Ann Kreilkamp

Mandy Simmons

Carol Marks

Margaret Garcia

Thomas & Paula Hartz

Carol and Jarrold Barnett

Martha Dogan

Collie Rees and Gregg Rumford

RiverSong Music, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization; all donations to ChamberFest Brown County are tax deductible. 

ChamberFest Brown County's performances are made possible by audience contributions.

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